Ensembles and musicians playing my instruments

Philip Picket "New London Consort" and "Musicians of the Globe"

In 1999 Philip Picket commissioned two renaissance viols for his ensembles "New London Consort" and "Musicians of the Globe" which feature on numerous recordings.

Charivari Agréable

The Oxford based ensemble has recorded numerous CD's over the years featuring several of my instruments. Please refer to "My instruments on CD" in the left hand menue.

Markus Kröll

A freelance double bass player and keen interpreter of early music on the viola da gamba Markus Kröll now owns a seven string viol after M.Colichon which I made with a walnut back.

Jennifer Bullock, Chelys Consort of Viols

When Jennifer ordered a curled up fern leaf to crown her six-string viol after Henry Smith I knew I was in for a callenge!



West Dean College, instrument making

Instrument makers

Peter Barton
Through our teaching at West Dean College a lively exchange and mutual friendship has formed over the years.

George Stevens lutes & harps
Collegues since college days the contact has never broken off.

Bruce Brook lutes & pegs
Bruce makes the pegs for my instruments.

Eric Moulder & Tony Millyard baroque bassoons
Internationally acclaimed makers and musicians as well as great friends. With their Renaissance band „Piva“ they excite their audience.

Music and instrument history

Joelle Morton "great bass viol page"

Musikhaus Schulte, Braunschweig

On monday afternoons between 4pm and 7pm I will be available I the shop in person.
Instruments, bows, cases, accessories, sheet music and loan instruments for sale.


British Violin Making Association (BVMA)

Viola da gamba - Messages

Viola da Gamba Society of America

Viola da gamba Society of Britain