Osterwieck is 40 km south of Braunschweig in Sachsen-Anhalt, between Goslar to the West and Halberstadt to the East.

You can reach Osterwieck on the A 395 from Braunschweig via exit 13 "Vienenburg Ost / Osterwieck".

Driving on the B6 N take the exit "Stapelburg / Osterwieck".

Coming along the A7 take exit 66 "Rhüden / Seesen (Harz)". Take the B 82 to Goslar. Follow the blue motorway signs for the A 395 towards Braunschweig. Take the exit "Vienenburg Ost / Osterwieck".

In Osterwieck, follow the green signs for "Hotel Brauner Hirsch" and "Hafenbar". The workshop is situated opposite the "Hafenbar" pub.

Renate Fink
Hagen 45
38835 Osterwieck

phone: +49 (0)3 94 21-6 88 46